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I'm One of many users who have fallen victim to a hacked account. I submitted the required proof.

I followed all the steps. Furthermore, I emailed every darn email I could find. And NOTHING!! Granted it's only been a week, but the uncertainty, of whether they (Facebook) themselves, are receiving or have received my submitted proof, is a massive bummer, to say the least.

I was given one opportunity to upload my photo ID. However, my profile name reads as my legal full name, and my photo ID doesn't exactly match. Why? Well because in my state they use your middle initial, so obviously it wouldn't "exactly" match now, would it?

Needless to say, I have been denied access to (my) hacked profile. And receiving NO help from Facebook on the matter. I'm Frustrated, disappointed, and fed up. I suppose I can now join the many others who have given up fighting the (Hacked) profile fight.

Thanks for not helping Facebook.

Meanwhile, you claim to take such matters seriously. Truly, yours

(The frustrated everyday user)

User's recommendation: Use every bit of security Facebook offers.

Preferred solution: Follow up on my complaint .

Facebook Cons: Horrible customer service especially when hacked.

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