My account was hacked so I locked my own account on Facebook and then found no way to unlock it. The emails kept saying "they had locked my account due to misuse".

NO YOU DIDN'T, I DID FB! Trying to get a hold of a person in customer service was impossible! Emails were repetitive computer generated. Very frustrating!!!

So I contacted Pissed Off Consumer and as well, I did as suggested on their website, I started hash-tagging my complaint on all my social media multiple times. Something worked because within 24 hrs my account was unlocked. I also do not like Facebook's "warnings". All posts in question have been misconstrued, as well as they took issue with posts years past.

As if they went back in time and then sent a nasty warning. And there's nothing you can do. What happened to good old fashion Customer Service???? Btw, don't use PayPay or Venmo.

They to will withhold funds from being paid or refunded back to buyer for anywhere from 90-180 days on both ends!!! That's another story and another complaint I will be working on this week.

User's recommendation: Do not lock your own account.

Location: Wheat Ridge, Colorado

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