Ive been locked out of Fb for a month now. Theres no longer a phone number to call to get customer support.

I got scammed on a live FB support that took money to help my technical need. I need someone to call me and walk me through how to get back on. I got a new phone, it didnt transfer everything. My fault on the FB app, where I lived years ago is where I set up account and had a small internet provider.

They no longer exist, so I cannot access said email that I originally had registered my fb acct under. When I tried loading fb app on new phone it wanted login info.

I put in what I had written down years ago, only for it to say password is wrong & say it will send reset to the email that no longer exists! Its great that its not easy to *** into or everyone would do it, but there has to be a way to verify its truly me and I need to change my email to one that actually exists.

User's recommendation: Make sure your login info is up to date.

Location: Millington, Michigan

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