I went to log on last night (7/1/2021) and it says I need to log in. Once logged in, it asks for a 6 digit code.

I cannot access a 6 digit code in the "code generator" as I am locked out. It say's I may also use a "second part authentication app", which I cannot use because I am locked out of account. At this point, I changed my password. Yet again, it asks for a 6 digit code.

I ended up sending a photo of my ID.

I want to know what has caused this. It seems as if my password has been changed, not by me. If that suspicion is true, that's fine. However, I still want to be able to access my account and I am not able to.

I tried logging in on multiple devices.

I tried logging in on a computer at my work today (7/2/2021). I tried on my phone NUMEROUS times last night (7/1/2021) and a couple today (7/2/2021) as well.

I tried accessing my messenger app, to no avail either.

Please help, I am slightly annoyed by this seeing as how I live hours from my home and this is the main way I keep up with my family back home.

Please feel free to call or email me. My email is only used for subscriptions, so I will respond promptly when I see it,

(229) 326-****


Location: Tifton, Georgia

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