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I have been locked out of my account I am a little bed ridden so Facebook is the only way I can be in contact with my friends, I have a condition called post concussion syndrome bacially I have the memory of a goldfish (Boxers have the same issue and rugby players) me trying to remember passwords these days is a nightmare and I do write them down when I remember I was playing my game on Monday (Klondike), tuesday morning my laptop wouldn't log onto internet, so I used the chromebook I am using now I must of put the wrong password in,

You have asked for ID which I don't have any photo ID, I only have my address, I am house bound so I don't have a passport, my driving licence is the old green one with no photo, I don't have a NI card as they were not issued when Iwas born but I have my number, I'm not married so I wouldn't need paperwork to change my name, I do have my EE phone letters and I do have a bank account, I am on benifits which is a goverment dept as I said facebook is my contact to the outside world

I am sorry to be a pest I was very upset yesterday due to all this and I do take on board there are not many people in my position

Preferred solution: my account back.

Location: Bristol, England

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