My account was hacked someone turned on 2 step verification with their phone number so I could not get back into it I reported it from another friend's account in return Facebook deactivated my account and could've been but three days. it kept telling me to use a browser that I previously logged in from and when I found an old phone and use a browser that I had previously logged in from it said my account was turn off deactivated by them and it's been for over 30 days and I could not get a review on it which was *** because it was let me change my password up until that point but still not letting me in because of the 2-step Verification crap that somebody else turned on as far as I'm concerned Facebook stole my pictures and everything I've had since 2013 all my poetry Facebook won't let me in my account I don't use use my account for fraudulent *** I'm a 53-year old woman with six children and grandchildren and I would like my pictures back at the very least

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