I am locked out of facebook and because I do not have a phone that will accept texts and with out that I can not get back into my account. I called both customer service numbers provided and both say they do not take customer service calls.

I can not get into my account because I do not have a phone that gets text messages and I can find no other way to contact anyone through emails or other means to open the account unless I can get texts.

I am locked out now and unless my landline phone could except text, which it does not, I guess I am SOL!

Round and round.

Guess I am just SOL because I cannot find another way to contact facebook and get this issue resolved. When and if, I do I will cancel my facebook account because of the way they do business when someone has a problem. They have no idea that there are people that might not have the tech experience or equipment needed to do what facebook wants done. I have had this account for many years before cell phones and text messages were required but it doesn't seem to matter to facebook as no accommodations have been made to compensate for those of us who do not get text.

I have to be able receive text to reopen my account which I can not do, again just SOL! Guess they have enough business that they do not need mine.

Fine with me. I give UP!

User's recommendation: Don't become a customer, they have no regard for anyone who might need help.

Location: Anaheim, California

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