I have been locked out of facebook because I tried to use my facebook log in to order as a guest on ebay. Now I can not get into facebook because I do not have a phone that can get text and that is the only way facebook offers to reopen service.

I have called all the customer service numbers given me and they all say they same thing, they can not give and customer service advice at this time.

I have been a member for many years before it was required to have a phone that got texts but without one I am just SOL!

I can find no way to contact facebook other than getting a text but there is also no way to change the land line phone number to another without getting a text.

I am at a loss here and have decided that if I ever get through I will cancel my account because facebook does not seem to care about those of us who might not be tech savvy. I guess they have all they need so I will not be missed.

User's recommendation: Not a very accomidating company.

Location: Anaheim, California

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