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Hello, my personal account was disabled. Which means I can't access my business account.

If I search for my business account on a friend's profile. It shows it's still up. But my personal one is gone. I have been posting ads within the guidelines.

It's a constant battle. I post an add, it gets removed. I show that it's with in FB community guidelines, and it gets put back up. After 100s of times of this happening.

My account has been removed. I own a private firearms instruction business. I teach firearms safety. Including children, women, and women who suffer from domestic abuse.

I have had my account since 2008.

I tried to log out of my account and it says "Are you sure you want to log out?"

"You only have 20 days left to request a review. After that your account will be permanently disabled"

That's concerning because I have requested a review. In the beginning, FB used to be on my side with promoting 2nd amendment firearms safety. Then it changes, between what I talked about earlier and shadow banning.

Going from 100 comments on a post to a couple likes here and there. Please, I would like to get this resolved.

Preferred solution: Access to my account please. .

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