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Idk I'm just irritated all in one day I posted a car and gaming monitor for sale on market place and shortly after I was locked out do to unusual activity and was forced to provide my ID. Finally I fixed it and was able to log back into Facebook and use normal and next day I tap on marketplace just to get a message saying I'm no longer able to sell on marketplace for not following the rules.

I'm very confused on what I did and want Facebook to show what I did wrong and educate me on what I did wrong. Now I'm no Saint on FB I do give my opinion on public posts ECT but I don't think there is anything horrible I did.

Also, I absolutely will not count on fb to contact me in this matter as I submitted a message to them, I'm just going to get as much pics and personal data copied as I can for myself and retire fb. You can't say anything or like people's posts without being sensored.

User's recommendation: ZERO.

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