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I am locked out of my Facebook. Facebook wants to send me a code before they let me back in except to verify this is me , they want to send the code to a phone number I no longer have .So I would never get access to the code that they need to verify me.

475 414 **** is no longer my phone number.I changed it.My new number is 475 261 **** .The reason I believe they disabled me is because I started a second Facebook account because I missed connecting with friends that moved away and when I got a new phone I could not sign into Facebook because I forgot the password and I was unable to get a code sent to me to set up a new password login . because it required sending code to old phone number I no longer have access to.I am a victim of stalking and changed my information to protect myself and also recently was stalked on Facebook marketplace a day before they disabled my account.

I m glad that old Facebook was disabled, I got a message that someone was watching me and my ex boyfriend been tormenting me that he knows people I know I just want to stay connected to immediate friends of family and feel safe from people who hurt me in my past.Will u help me set up a new Facebook.Reason I never deactivated prior accounts is because I forgot those passwords ( I suffer with memory issues) and I no longer have those phone numbers to reset it.I only have one cell number .Use one email on a daily basis and live at one address and only desire to have one Facebook account to connect with loved ones .My issue is buying cheap phones, phones break, I get new one, and wind up changing phone number then lose access to Facebook when required to sign in again and forget passwords and have a new number.So I d start over so I can connect with friends. I am a Christian.I don't want to harm anyone just protect myself from those who are trying to bother me and are good with computers and seem to find me and mess with my head.

Preferred solution: Cancel previous accounts I no longer have the login info to deactivate so can't reset passwords / no longer have those #s & have a new Facebook & make info private to me and my friends..

Facebook Pros: Connect.

Facebook Cons: Code recovery is useless, Scammers bullying harassed threats.

Location: Hamden, Connecticut

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