I was scrolling through Facebook and clicked a bad link. My fault, dumb mistake!

Then I got locked out of my Facebook because my account was showing signs of "suspicious activity." Okay. So I try to verify through the log in process that I am indeed myself. Apparently there is some mistake that won't let the site process. "Sorry, something went wrong!" Whatever, so I wait a week to give the tech folks to sort it out.

Still an issue. And There is no way of contacting customer service? The online Help Center is useless. So I wait another week.

I try changing my password a billion times. Nothing works. I just changed phones. I have lost my way of logging into Spotify because the damn account is tied to my Facebook.

I lost my main mode of contact with friends I use Messenger with. Now I have waited 2 months and I still have nothing. I just want to log in and get my photos at this point!

Let me access my Account!!!! I don't even care if it's hacked!!!!

User's recommendation: Just don't get a Facebook in the first place honest. Unrelated to my real issue. But why bother in the first place?

Product or Service Mentioned: Facebook Account.

Location: Garden Grove, California

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