i think my account was hacked. Someone tried to change my password in the middle of the night and i know i did not even touch my phone.

I tried to log in, i changed my password, but i cannot get the code generator to send me a code. so i have gone the other route and uploaded my ID.

I have lost patience with this as i have never heard another word from facebook as to wether they got my infor needed to get my accounnt openned

i I probably tried too may times to upload my I dont know what else to do

i did not realize i had a 2 step authorization to get into my account.

i need help PLEASE!

I need in my account!

please responed, i have waited days with no responnse from facebook

ive done everythinng i was supposed to but i get no answers from anybody, i need a code to get into my accouont, I send my photo id as you asked



Location: Clifton, Kansas

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