I was originally having a problem logging into my Facebook page on 12/13/2021, but have no idea how or why, but received a notice to send ID verifications for age of which I sent numerous times only to receive requests for more..

Now 8 days of this on 12/21/2021 I received a automated message that stated my account was disabled even though I sent everything that was requested ID verifications of identity, age and more and this was wrong of Facebook as I had done nothing wrong..

but they definitely have by disabling my account and I'm still trying to get my account back.... I need help and I have no one to help with this and this is so wrong .. my account has important information that I need desperately and I'm deeply hurt by them not doing their jobs and for doing the wrong thing, and for no reason other than not wanting to do their jobs...I'm need my account back..

Janet Woodrum

Location: Cincinnati, Ohio

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