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My old phone was stolen which had my old phone number on it 702-712-**** back in highschool when I was a Sophmore after I just recently got it when summer started

After I got a new phone we decided too change my phone number too 702-861-**** cause my old number kept calling the people who stole my phone and random people somewhere else

No I don't have photos or anything except I got proof

I will give you permission since it's your company too log into my Ulixes Hernandez account cause my proof is that I played Dress up Nikki on there and when I tried too play it one time after finally getting a new phone after the phone theft incident it wouldn't let me log in and I have my actual birthday on there as well

My mom put a fake year on my main account cause she made me my main Facebook account when I was little

I am now Legally 18 and have sent many other reports about my new account Ulixes Hernandez which I haven't been able too use

You can even ask my mom Rachelle Hernandez as she watched me make the Ulixes Hernandez account

I can also prove its mine cause the anime character I set as my icon photo is known as "N" from Pokemon Black and White

Please let me have access too my account again I really miss it and I haven't used it since then

User's recommendation: Please let us change our numbers on our new accounts without asking us for a code too a number we can't use anymore.

Preferred solution: New phone number and needing access too other account.

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