Im not quite sure. I have had a cpl of strange things happen lately w facebook.

There was a incident where after a buyer purchased a item and picked it up at my home. He then made a fake account in order to post comments on all listings I had posted on other fb groups making false statements accusations of scamming or not having the listed items for sale. I am assuming he did this bc I would not sell him all items due to the fact that they had already been spoken for and deposit made by other buyers. I thought that this Facebook security issue may have stemmed from that ?

Also I had recently had my Facebook logged onto using three different devices. My phone and both of my childrens phones. At one point when I tried to log onto fb the screen recommend I check that I was logged off of other devices that it may be the issue. I did log off of other devices.

But everytime I go into a browser or fb app login page it is still asking for a security code to be entered. The code is being sent to a phone number that I no longer have access to. It gives me no other recovery options. Finally it did give a option to send to the email linked to my fb but this email is no longer accessible bc it has been removed.

It was a old ymail account. Since it was never used it was eventually disabled. I did have my new email linked to fb but it seems to not be there now. I then turned to google to try and recover my fb account.

Thats when I discovered another person is logged onto my fb account from somewhere in Kannapolis N. C. I have never even been there. The name on the account is Caroline Mathis.

This person is having encrypted messages sent thru fb hidden messages. That I can't see. Also when I type my new number to log in to fb two other people pop up as having used thie log in phone number. They appear to be children.

Its like all of a sudden all this is happening and I have no idea what to do. I sell a good bit on fb market place. And i use fb messenger to contact the buyers. And Ive been unable to speak with anyone concerning their orders or pick up times.

Im scared they think I am a scammer now bc my account isn't available anymore. Please help !!!! I have in no way what so ever broken the law or fb community standards. I need help in recovering my account asap so I can get things back to normal.

Please help ! I can provide a copy of my I D or what ever u need. I am available and willing to help you do what ever needs to be done here in order to restore my fb account. The name on the account.

Is Jeanne T Phiilips birthday 10/27/78.

I live in Spartanburg SC. I will attach screen shots of the problem as well.

Location: Charlotte, North Carolina

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