I've been having trouble logging into my account. It all started several weeks ago, when I accidentally deleted the FB app from my phone.

I downloaded another and then, it asked me to verify my identity. I've done this many, many times since then. Perhaps 20+ at this point. After I've done everything to verify my identity from answering questions to selecting my comments or logging in from another device, it starts the log in sequence over and then asks to verify all over again.

It continues to do this. My experience on Facebook is nowhere the same as it was before. I'm able to log in on my laptop, as before. But, doing anything, including trying to share an article on my phone gets the frustration verification of ID demand and still do get in.

On occasion, I can log in on the Facebook website on my phone but now all I can use is the ugly stripped down Facebook Lite app configuration. I can't share with that either. It just demands ID in a loop again. I'm just exasperated.

I can't understand this because nothing has changed. I just bought the laptop. The mobile is a few months older.

I've been with Facebook for years. I'm not happy with it right now.

Location: Baltimore, Maryland

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