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I lost my phone and changed my number. I've tried to login to my account but it's asking me to identify myself before I gain access to my account.

I sent my IDs plenty of time but I wasn't still able to access it because I changed my profile name from my legal name to my business name.

I checked and found out that I could use Tax ID and I clicked on it and sent my Tax ID number with my Government name and my business name (Zaire Ya Lokumu) but Facebook still refusing to give me access my account. When I paid for boosting my posts, I used my legal name and when Facebook pays me, they paid me with my legal name. When it comes to login, they are refusing to give me access to my account while I providing them with my Tax paper that reads my Facebook page name. I've provided them with both State ID and Tax indentation number but they are keeping responding me via Email saying that they can't give me access to my account.

For a company big like Facebook, it think this security future is only good to make impossible for many account owners to access they accounts.

I even sent a email back to them asking them to delete my account if they won't give me access back to my account but they haven't answered me. I don't know if should go to court with both of my IDs (state &;;; tax). So that a judge can help. The ID they are refusing to accept is the same one I used in past successfully to access my account.

I'm not happy and very disappointed. Angry

Preferred solution: I need to get access to my account!!!.

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