I have a problem with loging in my acc, my acc was hacked on 07.09.2021 the profile photo was changed and from then i cant login to my acc I can send yyou my ID card or passport wath ever you need to get back my acc

Some one from my facebook acc use money from my Debit card 7 times with 10$ transaction i use my ads for

I did not violate any rights, I advertise all the time from this profile that brings you a great contribution to you, my profile was hacked and after that I do not know what happened, I sent you too many emails from my e-mail about my identity, please check my e-mail is krstokrstic@***.com I sent you identification documents via that email

my account has been hacked

Profile martin krstic krsto business so please i need some help

Location: Krushopek, Saraj

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