I lost my phone that I was using to to login with Facebook. When I got the new phone and I tried to login, they asked me to send my ID or to login to a device I used in the past, but I don't have a device that I used before.

I sent them different types of indentations ( government indentations) but they refused to give me access to my account. My account has my business name so I added my EIN number from the IRS that has my government number and my business number but they still refusing to give me access to my account. When I paid them in the past I used my government name and Everytime they paid me, they sent my payment with my legal name, so I feel like the customer service is very poor!!! 90% of everything I've posted on Facebook has my signatures with my legal name even if it is my business name that I have on Facebook.

I've worked hard to have over 100.000 followers and I regretting my time invested. Angry

User's recommendation: None!

Location: Hyattsville, Maryland

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