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Facebook has been notified 14 time to what happened to my business page they closed down over a $90 invoice that they would not explain to me and after I paid the invoice they never put my page back up. 4 years of support and work on that page with over 5000 viewers and no have to start all over.

They are the worse people I have ever encountered and no one should ever spend a dime advertising with them, they have no respect for they're customers and and are thieves. Sadly you can never have any recourse against these bullies, they do want they want with no regard or concern about someone's business which has cost me $$$$$ in losses as I had parties book, bands booked and more. The internet bullies Dacebook got me, and I have thrown the flag in, I lose, my business loses, and they won and there ain't a damn thing I can do about it.

I have spoken to a lawyer and he laughed at me trying to sue them for loses, he stated they have over 500 lawyers working for them and I should take my beating and walk away, which I have very sadly. I hate them and only hope Zuckerburg gets his one day, and karma is real and karma will strike his Opie looking sack of ***

User's recommendation: Run fast, stay wawy.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Facebook Cons: Losers.

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You should have paid the $90 on time.

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