deactivated it, and do to the stalker having that much of full access to my account, and feeling threatened by more cyber attacks, I logged in under another name but gave Facebook. all accurate contact information which still is valid for Facebook to contact me for verification of anything pertaining to this hacked account.

Once my cyber investigation is finished and this serial hacker is behind bars then I'll be able to put my accurate name and start back placing my pictures and all on my timeline. I'm not comfortable making another accurate account knowing this hacker will *** again. This serial hacker had done got do bold to the point of even hacking my Facebook messenger and sending me messages in my messenger account. This bold Konald Joseph hacker was altering IP addresses, phone numbers, and my email addresses.

Then also posting pictures on my front profile page that i myself cannot delete because this creature is logged in obviously still logged into my account.

I've explained to Facebook several times about this matter and nothing has been done. My Facebook page still lay in the hands of this bold serial stalker.

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