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Your Recording Here Says:

We are No Longer answering Any Questions at this time, Thank you!!"

So How can I possibly RATE you??

Now What am I Supposed to do???

* * I'm getting messages "From FB" to provide information, to Take Several Steps online to Increase the Security on my FB Acct, & ALL U want to do is "Confirm" That it is Really You - FB???

And not some Con-Artist trying to get more personal information from me?? They are Now ((Sending Me Messages)) that if I Do-Not Complete this process online (Soon here) that I will be "Locked-Out" of my own Acct!!

~ I just want to know that this is a Legit Mess from FB that I am receiving?? I've been a (Police Officer) my Entire Life, & I just don't want Someone Representing "FB" that is (Not you) to get more personal information from me here. That's all. Can't u Please help me, & Tell me if it's at least a Ligit FB Mess??

~M. Bridges // Las Vegas~

User's recommendation: Do Not Call here! They are not taking Any Questions at all!

Location: West Valley City, Utah

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