Hello, my name is Chandler Reynolds. I purchased a 50 element Tv, in cash for $150 on Facebook marketplace from a user named Davy Quarles today on Friday 02/25/22.

The Tv was listed as an element Roku Tv , which it is not . Not only is the tv listed as an inaccurate description, the Tv is also broken . When I arrived home to plug the tv in the screen did not turn on . After contacting the user Davy Quarles about the issue he at first agreed to issue a refund and insisted I bring the Tv back.

After I messaged again several times the user no longer wanted to issue a refund . I reported the user on Facebook market place and read the terms and support given through the help section . I am unsure how to actually file a claim . I am unsure of a support or customer service on the app.

I have searched for a number to call for customer service and wasnt given the opportunity to speak with anyone .

I would like to speak with someone in concern of getting issued a refund for this purchase . I can be reached through email at chanr8392@***.com

By phone (404)579-****.


Location: Lithonia, Georgia

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