My Marketplace account is under review for suspension. I advertised a room for rent on Marketplace and in other groups here in my local are.

Had a bunch of people claiming my ad was a scam and that they didn't like the rental rate that was advertised. Also, at the beginning of my ad I stated that I do not speak Spanish and the cancel culture folks started attacking me for it. I was receiving a lot of inquiries about the room for rent from folks that only speak Spanish and I can't help them, I don't have a means of communicating with them. I wasn't trying to exclude anyone, just letting people know I don't speak Spanish.

This is now costing me a potential client that was supposed to be here 10 minutes ago to view the room and now I can't respond to him. This is ridiculous. Please help.

My email address is 1931egettysburgave@***.com phone number 559-660-****, the number listed in my ad is my Google number of 559-492-****. Please help sooner than later.

Location: Fresno, California

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