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I am having trouble contacting and getting support for this issue. I had over 50 or so orders cancelled because I was unable to upload tracking, while facebook put a block on my marketplace.

I had shipped these orders and while I was blocked I could not upload tracking. Now all the orders were delivered, Facebook has me blocked from marketplace, which blocks me from uploading tracking. Now all these orders were delivered, and facebook refunded them and I lose the my money and product. I am a top rated seller, with no violations that I can tell.

I had one support ticket tell me I may be able to get my money if I have tracking which I do. Now I am not getting any responses from support and it has been over a week. 1-2000$. I have messages from buyers telling me this is a joke they are getting refunded even though they received their items.

I have sent refunds through messenger because there were thoughts i was scamming them because they could not message me on marketplace. There is a photo of me and my family and it is not a good look, on top of losing all this money. This also gave them money through messenger, the product, and the refund as well.

There is something not right I believe. Please assist me with this.


Location: Fort Myers, Florida

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