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I'm trying to sell a crossbow exercise machine and Facebook is refusing to let me list it because it has crossbow in the name. THATS WHAT IT IS.

Like. They don't even have a person look at the picture of the listing? Stupid censorship *** is absolutely ludicrous and If it wasn't how I stay in contact with my motorcycle group I would delete facebook entirely. I hate Facebook.

I hate Mark Zuckerberg. I think he should be burned at the stake for promoting fake news and ruining the future generations. Facebook should be banned in every country. Stupid spyware.

I bet you're gonna report me to the government for being "an extremist" like you did to a page literally about food canning. FOOD CANNING. Because when the people can support themselves they no longer need the government to provide for them. And after everything the government is doing.

People will revolt. WW3 has already begun. People should prepare for a revolution because once we revolt the government will take out god given rights and freeze our bank accounts. They will try to destroy life as we know it.

I will not obey like a dog. I will fight to my last breathe for my rights and the rights of others.

Location: Adrian, Michigan

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