Something is not right I feel like I'm being scammed or something because this guy is saying that he got the wrong phone I know what I sent out I sent out a pixel 3A in the Box with earbuds extra chargers And even 2 extra cases And he sent me a picture of a phone that I've never seen in my life and telling me he wants a refund so so I just don't think it's fair that I lost all my stuff and he gets a refund to refund this is not fair II sent everything out the way I was supposed to do Even if you ask all my customers I had on Facebook marketplace they all got the right stuff This has never happened before I still want to be paid because I don't have my phone anymore or the stuff that I sold And that is not fair.

User's recommendation: I am not sending no refund I want my money I sent out the phone why should I not get paid if I sent out the phone something is not right here right here I feel like I am being scammed.

Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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