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Update by user Nov 11, 2021

I received a email from Facebook that I no longer had the could buy or sell anything on Marketplace, as if I would. And I had been booted off Facebook.

Update by user Nov 11, 2021

Update: I have continued to communicate with eBay in reference to my scam. EBAY has continued to disconnect my phone calls, block my emails and text messages.

I have since reported them to the BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU AND THE BUSINESS ALLIANCE COMMISSION for the help I have received notification back from eBay that they were not going to do anything to help me.

And I refuse to except the response. I spent from October 26 to November 8, in mental health floor but partially from this scam and I will not give in.

Update by user Oct 12, 2021

Talked with eBay 10/09/9/21, 10/10/21, 10/11/21Filed a Complaint with Federal Trade Commission 10/11/21Became member of PISSED Off CONSUMER 10/11/21Filed complaint with Alabama State Attorney General 10/12/21

Update by user Oct 12, 2021

No where. Shed a lot of tears and shame.

Update by user Oct 12, 2021

Of course everyone you contact advises you to get in touch with the Seller. Well it's hard to contact a seller that does not exist.thisismy main reason I am blaming Facebook/Marketplace.

While I was waiting on the first email Saturday about the truck I was busy trying to get information from Marketplace about the Seller,and at this time I knew nothing about eBay yet.

There's nothing, there's absolutely impossible to get anything from Marketplace or Facebook unless you do something wrong. Then they are on you quick.I feel if I could have spoke with someone this may not have happened.

Original review updated by user Oct 12, 2021

Saturday morning I was browsing through marketplace like I do every week. I came across a beautiful Chevrolet Z-71.

It had low mileage, looked like it came out of the show room floor and cheap a price. I have purchased several items from Marketplace and I trusted them. I have bought a refrigerator, washer and dryer set, stove, a comforter set, ceiling fans, I can not remember all I have purchased but never had an issue. So I sent the Seller a message asking for information on the truck.

Several hours later I received an email from a woman with a sad story of the loss of her husband and she was moving to another state and had to sell the truck. Fortunately, I had enough money, I told her I wanted to buy the truck. A few emails later, I received an email from eBay with instructions on how I had to pay in order to get free delivery of said truck. I also trusted eBay.

I had purchased a computer, jewelry, toys and several items and felt that between Marketplace and eBay how could I LOSE. Not only that, but I received a contract from eBay with instructions for me to follow, which I did. I paid $800 to eBay in Gift Cards and my truck was going to be delivered Monday afternoon. I was issued a confirmation number, and I was dancing with delight.

Sunday morning, I received a text from a woman about a second truck. I had forgotten I had inquired about. The text was word for word exactly like the text I received for my truck. I became very suspicious.

I called eBay, I began to explain to the eBay representative what had happened, and the phone went dead. I called him back and the phone had been disconnected. I knew then I had been scammed. I jumped in my car and went to the police station and was told there was nothing they could do.

So I called eBay, the phone number on Google which took forever had to wait on a call back then I sat on hold for 2 hours. Hung up, got on chat with an agent and was able to give the 4 gift card numbers I had purchased to the agent before loosing connection.

Monday, I filed a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission and became a member of the PISSED OFF CONSUMER Club. Now today I hope to hear from someone at Facebook Marketplace about a refund.

User's recommendation: Never buy online without checking out the Seller they could be Scammers no matter how legitimate it looks.

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