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Original review updated by user Apr 22, 2022

The true cost of doing business with Neil Boone @Performance Mobile Mechanic LLC.

Neil Boone broke my engine. I sincerely apologize to anyone and everyone I recommended to Performance Mobile Mechanic LLC.

I thought this guy was great ( I have used him many times and recommended him often)...until he isn't.

Like me, you may think he is a pretty good guy and recommend him to others, etc...well, he is, until he breaks something he can't afford to fix. If he breaks something (requiring me to have to replace my crankshaft/my entire engine now) he will ignore you. No matter how good you've been to him. BEWARE.

After two failed attempts of trying to replace my timing chain, the repair attempts resulted in a new noise, (which later after paying $170 to dealer I would find out the crank was damaged during the two attempted repairs).

It wasn't until I picked up my vehicle "I did everything 100% right and torqued to spec" he had texted me the night before) and upon finding my engine to be noisier and my harmonic balancer spinning like a drunk ballerina (VERY UNSAFE) that Mr Boone admitted he had broken my crankshaft bolt off in my engine. I asked did he not have some sort of liability policy in effect to go against if something like this happened? He informed he did not. This should be a red flag to anyone considering using him or using him again, as he is working on expensive things, engines, things that do not belong to him and we depend upon on a daily basis, and if he breaks something and it is irreparable he doesn't step up.

*** he even ignores you. I, like you, expect a mechanic to guarantee their work and stand behind their work, not hide behind it. If he had stopped at that point, when he first broke it off, and phoned me, the customer, and explained what had happened so we could come to a decision together on whether to stop right there and I would have to take it somewhere else, etc instead of deciding to just force a larger bolt in which was both a terrible choice and destroyed my engine, that was not his engine to choose to do something irreversible he knows is going to cause permanent damage to, it was not his engine or decision, it was mine. My jeep became undriveable and had to be towed to Deland Chrysler Jeep Dodge, where I was told the job had "not been done correctly" from the start, and that this was not only wrong, but "unsafe".

The engine now needs a new crankshaft or the entire engine needs to be replaced.(Over 11 grand for a new engine, about 3 grand for a used engine, and about $1500 to $1700 for parts and labor for someone to put the replacement engine in. Upon removing the screw he put in from the crankshaft to inspect, the dealership said it was doing nothing and wasn't even threaded any longer holding the harmonic balancer on, and the screw simply "fell right out".The threaded portion of the crank still has my original bolt broken in it. What a nightmare. To anyone I have recommended Neil Boone or Performance Mobile Mechanic PLEASE use at your own risk now.

I brought a lot of business to this dude and he broke my Jeep and doesn't care.

I asked him prior to hiring him for this particular job how confident he felt. Per our texts above you can see he felt "100 confident." Upon picking up my vehicle the first time he said he felt relieved the repair didn't result in cranking the jeep and oil exploding everywhere . Well that's really the opposite of 100 confidence, isnt it, and I realized at that juncture I was probably going to be in trouble, I just didn't realize how much until after driving it home. I am now without a vehicle, dude broke it and is ignoring me.

A good man, and a good businessman, would step up, and it sadly appears he is neither.

If this guy can't afford to fix things he breaks, or have some sort of insurance in place, he shouldn't be working on other people's engines. Period. I recommended, always tipped, and thought highly of this guy. Now I am out a vehicle through no fault of my own.

One has a reasonable expectation their vehicle will be returned to them still useable. I am in a worse position, and jeep is in worse condition, after bringing it to him.

If I had known the true cost of doing business with Neil Boone, I wouldn't have, I am certain others wouldn't either.

I am legally entitled to get my vehicle back in no worse condition than when I brought it in for repair. Be careful who you trust out there!

User's recommendation: Do NOT recommend.

Monetary Loss: $5000.

Preferred solution: Engine is ruined, and was damaged by mechanic. Engine needs to be replaced, as it is irreparable. .

Facebook Pros: Comes to you, General repairs cheaper than dealership.

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