Dear Facebook and Instagram Team, I'm an active advertiser and I am writing you to inform you about the following problem:

On the 23rd of March 2021, my Instagram account was closed (disabled). Though, I was able to reactivate my account on the 24th of March by informing you.

After that, my account was disabled again on the 8th of April.

I want to inform you that I have not broken any law established by Facebook or Instagram Team.

Please note, that we are organizing a giveaway with the aim of charity, not following any profit.

From the 8th of April my 6 Instagram accounts (@armenia.followers2, @_armenia.followers_, @mm.nver, @muradyan_nverner, @pahestayin10k

@vm.nver) were disabled and closed, also including an account, that only checked how many people participated in the giveaway. People followed that account and nothing more. There was no photo and any post.

It was an empty account with 9000 followers, and it was also disabled.

By the way, I have not violated any law with that account and now I am interested in why it was disabled?

I want also to inform you about the following fact.

Every time, when I was informing people about my business account by my private Instagram account the tagged account was being disabled within

2-3 hours.

This fact tells much about the following.

There's is a person on Instagram following his/her benefits and can close any account he/she wants, and your Team is not able to protect my interests and benefits.

Now, I am applying with a request to reactivate my account having Armenian followers and inform me about the ways of protecting my account, in order not to be hacked and then disabled again & again.

I also have a fact (screenshot) that someone has an intention to disable my Instagram account by accusing us of selling drugs, please note that this doesn't comply with the reality.

Please note, that there is a hacker team, who is working on disabling the Instagram accounts within 20 minutes by sending 1000 objections and blaming us for selling drugs.

My private photo was also deleted from that account, but please tell me if uploading a private photo is a violation of the law. These are facts that the hacker's team is working on disabling my 6 accounts, and no one knows who is their next victim.

Now I am applying you to allow activate my account and send all the terms for us not to break the laws again, in case we have done so before.

I am sure, that if my account is reactivated they will do their best to disable it again.

Also please note, that every time before disabling my account, some foreign followers started to follow my account, and I think it was added artificially with the hacker's program, and this is a violation of the law.

I think this is the reason for my account being disabled, but for which I am not responsible.

Thanks for your patience.

I am looking forward to your kind feedback and the solution to the problem.

Location: Yerevan, Yerevan

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