I open marketplace and all through the site are posts for all kinds of vehicles that are obviously a scam. They will post a real nice car, boat, RV and the description will be the same, price is very low, the person posting is from out of state.

I'm in Portland, Or and postings like these are from a person in Nashville, Tenn. Sometimes I'll have a whole wall of these posts while browsing. What the *** are you guys doing to catch these scammers and more importantly to remove these ads? I report them all the time and the next time I go to browse marketplace there is more of these posts than the last time I was there browsing.

So do they know I report them or are you guys just don't care that we are all being scammed.

Sometimes when you open an ad it will tell you that the person is not taking messages at this time but contact them at a certain email address. I want these gone from Marketplace ASAP!!!!!

Location: Portland, Oregon

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