Hello,I've been meaning to write you guys this for a long time and it has to do with my Facebook account,my account asked me for an id notification but i used a passport since i could use and it was all i could use because after all i AM a minor so i do not own that,but back at the point is that i did that and it told me to wait,normal right?well yeah but then you guys send me an email saying that it didn't match my information and that i had to send a new picture,the problem is how am i

Supposed to do that if every times i enter my account it says the same thing it said after submitting my picture.....but uh my real question is can you guys give me another change to submit the picture of my information or just give me my account back please?i have games linked into that account please..i don't want to lose my games account i spend a lot of time playing them and effort,so please.

Location: Los Angeles, California

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