Ive had a serious issue Ive tried to resolve with Facebook. I had my old account stolen by some person trying to steal identities.

They changed the recovery email to their own so I cant get my account back. I tried sending in my ID but Facebook didnt approve it. I sent in an email explaining that my ID wont match the birthday on the account because I lied about my age when I got it at 12. Im 18 now, so that means I just lost 6 years of memories.

And I made a new account. But whoever has my old account is posting on the story of the account, stuff about money that is clearly a scam. I have the email as proof of the change (when they changed my recovery email to theirs). I even asked Facebook if they werent going to give me my account back to at least deactivate it.

Because its extremely uncomfortable to know people are saying and doing things under my name. I tried calling Facebook and the line keeps saying its not in use. Ive emailed so many times, and no one answered. My friends and family reported my old account because Ive talked to them personally and still nothing.

Its just disappointing to see how inactive Facebook Support has been. Its extremely frustrating.

Location: Lakeland, Florida

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