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ISomeone is sending threw messenger that they are a friend of yours asking for help cause they supposedly cant get into theyre account then asking you to send a code so that they can . So someone is is actually sending you a code three messenger then hacking & taking over all of your accounts if you do !

I can not get back in either account yet Facebook keeps asking me to go to theyre online help center which is worthless or asking you to go in to your Facebook account which is even more worthless seeing if youve been hacked that bad you cant get in the damn thing !!! Every time I go to the help center & they are supposedly going to help me recover my account it keeps telling me oh we see your one number off on your phone number & I am NOT ! its the hackers number or what ever device they are using to *** you . Same with emails.

Or it shows a friends or family member email. Which is still the hackers .

This has been going on for over 5 days now every time I try using theyre help center . What ever happened to talking to a real person to resolve issues such as this ???!!!

User's recommendation: If you ain’t on it already I wouldn’t suggest it seeing it’s apparently one of the easiest sights to be hacked as often as it happens & one of the most worthless help centers I’ve ever encountered.

Preferred solution: Apology.

Facebook Pros: Your apps dont work and you lead people on.

Facebook Cons: Basic free speech is censored, Fifty steps to get service.

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