Facebook's customer service closed by phone on Thursday.My Facebook was still working up until a few minutes before midnight when I posted something to my account. Friday morning after being so upset someone lied to me posing as a friend on messenger and I figured out it was a lie when they could not correctly tell me where we met, I woke up at 3 am.

Shockingly, my Facebook would not work. I decided to try to call Facebook's customer service on Friday which is on California time zone which is three hours later than me.

I could have worked on Friday and decided to resolve this on Friday taking paid time off, too little sleep to work anyway. Facebook customer service by phone had the day off so I decided to use Facebook HR system.

Instead of adding my email address to my Facebook account with the wrong email address, they took it off where I could not get back into my original account.

Friday I asked per email to put my original email address back into my Facebook associated with my name. If this is not done on Monday when the customer service department, will leave original account disabled and start a new one and weed our people who never contact me anyway.

User's recommendation: Do not give your phone number to someone on messenger.

Location: Davenport, Florida

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