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Evelyn Raymond hacked my account and texting my friend and family without my permission. And I want her to get banned or get block.

User's recommendation: be careful.

Location: Saint Petersburg, Florida

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Evelyn Raymond is actually, most likely, also a victim. What happens is that hackers send out fraudulent emails, impersonating Facebook, to trick unsuspecting victims into thinking their account has already been hacked; When everything is totally fine, still.

A bunch of people don't even bother to go to Facebook, 1st, to check and see if anything is really wrong before they reply to the email, and hand over their details.

(Their full name, Id photos, password they use, and even a reconfirmation of their Facebook name!) Then, the scammers take that info and use it to *** in. Committing other scams from that hacked account.

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