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My facebook acct I have had for 13 years has been completely taken over by an unknown and unauthorized user whom was able to do this by changing phone numbers and email how is this possible that they could do this and my password without me being notified it has been over 3 weeks as soon as this happened I started getting text s and phone calls from family and friends as I am a paralyzed veteran with a service animal and would never ask for help and they all know this this. a fundraiser was made with a dog thats not mine and certainly looks nothing like mine with a different name trying to get like $2000. obviously I have no account at this time so my wife showed me on hers my acct back this is rediculous that you could allow this to happenI want hers ik several of our children and person immediat

Preferred solution: want acct back person no code from my aol been email on filesuspend access & send auth restore email that been on file my phone #s made purchaseFB allow into my personal acct email is

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