This the second I filed for a complaint and no have got back me about my Facebook account got hacked and they using my account you do scam threw cash app in it because I have couples friends and family calling me saying they posted money in my account and trying to get people to fall in the scam and they have my picture and all my private information and I was going buy car off Facebook marketing I cant do that because they change my email and add a 2step link thing so cant even try to recovery my information and oh yeah they got my Instagram to because it connected together so I want ti know if cant get it back or l take it down because I have message and show you and I have can prove that its my account and my account jaydee but my real name is jovante Rhodes and they block my wife but her name would be in my couples my pic her name is shaniah devins and can you contact me jovante1103@***.com

User's recommendation: Jovante1103@***.com or 238348****.

Location: Apopka, Florida

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