My account got hacked the day before thanksgiving. I realized I was getting a ton of Facebook notifications and I was busy, so I figured I would check it later.

Once I finally check it, I realized I had been hacked. I have a security set up for this reason and I never got an email or a text message about someone changing my information. I seen my email and phone number was different, so I literally couldnt receive anything to help me. They sent me a thing saying I had 30 days to prove Im me, but they didnt have to prove they werent me.

So I uploaded my ID 4 times, then my marriage license and nothing would take. Shortly after that, my account is showing disabled where I cant get it back. AFTER 5 days. My memories, gone.

Pictures of my kids, gone. I also lost a baby and I have sentimental things on there for him, and thats gone. I dont see how someone can *** my account so easily, but its harder for me to prove its me. Im upset.

Im pissed. Facebook keeps sending me some *** email over and over. Its automatic, its not personally.

I cant reach them. Nothing is being done.

User's recommendation: Don’t use Facebook.

Location: Atlanta, Georgia

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