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Someone changed the email on my Facebook account & they have been logging into my account on another device & location that is not mine. Facebook's recovery process online is impossible to asked for email and the email on the recovery screen is not my email address and the last device used to login to my Facebook account is not my device (the 2nd way to verify your account).

Then it ask "3" of my family members to help me get back into my account...IT IS NOT MY FAMILY MEMBER'S JOB to help me recover my account! That is Facebook's job!!! There is ABSOLUTELY "No Customer with Facebook" it is all electronically formatted and if you cannot get through their process then you are just out of luck.

So my account is comprised and I cannot do anything about it. I have not used Facebook in years and my account should have been deactivated.

Out of the blue I get a Facebook text and when I click on the text,I went directly to my account which was already signed on...and I have not signed into my account for years!! I need help deactivating my account, removing the current email on the account and the last device (which isn't mine) I am not able to log into my account to deactivate it or I would myself. My account should have automatically been deactivated because I have not used Facebook for several years.

Please remove all of my personal information and deactivate my account that is comprised. Facebook is not secure!

User's recommendation: Do not use Facebook...not secure at all.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Facebook Cons: There is no one to speak to, Not secure easily hacked, Drivers license and personal information compromised, Not much effective help offered when problems arise, No customer service representatives.

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