I have an Etsy store and have a FB page for my Etsy store. I'm currently running a drawing for a free shirt from my store.

I shared the posting on my personal FB page but I got a notification that it the post was disabled for violating terms of nudity/sexual content. First, it's a post I shared from my other page which is fine and hasn't been disabled due to content. The link in the post just goes to a FB contest app that I found searching FB.

Not sure why they thought my post had anything to do with nudity or sexual content, it's literally a drawing for a free t-shirt and only asks for the customer's contact info so that they can be notified. My shop is an Etsy shop that sells pop culture shirts and accessories, nothing offensive on there either.

There's no option on my notice about the violation to have them review it either. The ability to contact anyone at FB is ridiculous.

Location: Columbus, Ohio

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