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Original review updated by user Aug 16, 2022

& My account has been restricted for another 3 days. This is the 3rd time this has happened to my account without FB giving out specific details as to why, or supplying any valid reason- or any reason for that matter, for penalizing me.

Have all been suspiciously secreted? This of course falls under blatant harassment & bullying. FB seems tobe taking no serious accountability for its infringement upon my 1st Amendment rights? Thats what this really comes down to- violation of civil liberties & unjustly suspending peoples rights tobe informed against possible impending dangers that could be forced upon them & their loved ones.

They- FB- have made it unrealistically next to impossible to defend or state your case. What "they say Goes" regardless whether or not it falls under harassment or U.S.1st Amendment infringement rights. You're guilty when they say you are- you have no legal rights. And they've made it apparent that they no longer have to even tell you what they're restricting your account for- total harassment is what that unequivocally equates to.

They're not even following their own CDC guidelines!! Even though they directly deal with public at large. They do not adhere to constitutional rule of laws that the constitution binds- (accountability)- who deals in public relations & or deals with the community at large. So yeah, they should unrestricted my account ASAP.

Especially if fb can't even point out to me what exactly it is I'm being sighted for? On top of which they tell right that they do have the time to investigate a matter in which they faulted me for? I spoke with a lawyer working out of Northampton Mass who informed that i had definitely NOT broken or violated any fb guidelines at all. And by removing & restricting my account for posting information posted up by the CDC run VAERs site who are specifically following CDC-Who guidelines.

Told the lawyer i spoke with that I was well with my rights. Its unlawfully to obstructing people's rights to informed consent- tampering with evidence. And it also falls under obstruction of Justice. The 3 individuals in question, 2 who lost their lives- 1 who was seriously injured.

Cannot simply be categorized as misinformation as they were legitimately documented case studies- i.e. authentic cases that have been submited into the CDC VAERs website database under covid vaccine injures & death. The 9 yr old Boy who died shortly after receiving covid VAX booster- name is George Zajfen. The mans name who died shortly after post vaVAXovid shot is- Nick Nemeroff.

And the women who suffered a real har/sh post covid VAXinjury- name is Cynthia- @CYNNCHA- sited her case on the CDC run VAERs website. you'll take special note that next to each case study the source name is- I.e. Vaccine- Adverse- Event- Reporting- system.

These case study's along with thousands of others can be found on the VAER's website. Take Special Note: No entity has the legal authority to just simply sight something has misinformation or violation of "community guidelines" & sensor it. Without first taking it before a legal procedure- a court of law.

It is a violation of constitutional law to supersede Do Process - which applies to both civil & criminal matters. What i want done is my account unrestricted and stop all unwarranted forms of harassment.

Preferred solution: Un restrict my FB account & stop all illegal harassment. .

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