Im writing this review again because my old account that has been hacked its still up in the hackers are using my profile to use it to ask people for money and actually are getting them it . One of my friends actually sent the money and lost out on 100 bucks. I dont know how to fill out for now I have emailed wrote a review I have my friends go on my old account and inform Facebook and it is still up they said that they didnt see anything wrong but youre definitely is this has gone to far using my pictures with my kids and my family impersonating me this is enough embarrassing and is causing actual anxiety and stress because I dont want anything to come back tome and then I had to deal with something I didnt even do so Im asking this again please take down my account even if you have to delete both I dont care I just want it down and then I could just make a new one whatever you have to do and Ill be writing these reviews until something happens thank you please help me and my family

Location: Albuquerque, New Mexico

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