I am Barilugbene Dornu, one your customers. I noticed that my account with the username Light De Successful and email: barilugbened19@***.com has been hacked by a fraudster.

The fraudster is using my account to deceive and extort money from people. My character and integrity has been defamed and questioned and I am exposed to the risk of being arrested. I have tried deleting my account, but I got a response that it has been scheduled and will be deleted after 30days. But that is still to long and harmful to me as the fraudster has continue to carry on fraudulent activities on my account.

The fraudster has changed my password and I can no longer access my account.

I have even changed my password using my email(barilugbened19@***.com) but the fraudster is still accessing my account, I don't no what else to do, please help me and delete my account(Light De Successful) registered with barilugbened19@***.com. Please I appreciate if your delete my account today or tomorrow.

Location: Lagos, Lagos

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