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My account with the email annapressley7@***.com, gas a picture of me with a pet raccoon was hacked and is still hacked, whoever it is, is hitting everyone up on my friends list and is asking everyone for money and then some, also some how they also got a picture of my ID from Facebook when Facebook was requesting me to verify myself with my ID when I was first trying to retrieve my account, but I decided to just make another one since that person tainted my other account, that person was even bold enough to tell me that I could buy my Facebook back for $500.00 and I have been reporting this account El as hacked to Facebook for almost a week now and nothing has been done!!!

Preferred solution: The Facebook account that was hacked closed and would like to know how in the heck they were able to get a picture of my ID from Facebook when Facebook asked me to verify that it was me trying to get back into my account.

Facebook Pros: Facebbok market place and more, Purchasing stuff from marketplace.

Facebook Cons: Obviously no control of their app, Account hacked private information given out.

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