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I had someone hit me up online and tell me that they were trying to help me out to ask me a question and they'd been a friend of mine on Facebook I didn't really know but Dad send me a friend request a while back and then they said what would you do with the hundred dollars and as I've dealt with identity I've recently I was pretty desperate I said I'd take care of my debts and help everyone I could and they managed to swindle and talk me into giving them access to my page and then with that they changed my recovery password and my phone number and everything on there but me and now I'm *** and I don't know what to do and I tried to get assistance automated style or whatever the case was but it didn't ever show up to me as far as I know honestly my name is slightly Buckner Jr with the last four of my social is 1168 I was born August 3rd of 1982 my mother is Laurene anne buck Miller maiden name tuhy I have a twin sister and an older sister Lindsay and Tiffany I live in St Paul Minnesota at 1015 arcade Street Saint Paul Minnesota upper unit apartment 55106 I served in the military for a long time on my 100% disabled combat vet and honestly I'm going through a lot of *** I never thought I'd *** give a *** about anything like Facebook but honestly the only connection I have with most of my old military friends just through your service it's helped give access to a lot of things because I have issues with my memory from being blown up price in Iraq I am yes I'm considered a vulnerable adult because of brain damage physical issues PTSD OCD anxiety depression precision depressive disorder and honestly if I lose the pictures that I have saved on Facebook amongst them any other things obviously there's some of the only things I have left to keep my life going honestly not because of the services itself but because of the people that I connect with through it please help me my family and friends I lose contact with all of them if I lose this tooie

User's recommendation: Have an actual phone number that works with live people when we're trying to go for help.

Monetary Loss: $500.

Preferred solution: Access to my *** page restored.

Facebook Pros: Ability to connect with fellow veterans that i miss, Ability to share memories and updates with friends, Connectability with people, Marketplace when it works.

Facebook Cons: No effective communication between the people and facebook, No customer service help, Lack of contactable persons either by phone or email, No way to contact a real person, Political.

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