I caused the lockout myself by not paying attention to the prompts when asked if I was logged in on another device. I was logged in on my Kindle and my laptop at the same time.

I've tried uploading identifying info, but I've had the account since 2009 when I set it up with an alias because I worried about privacy issues.

I have tons of writings and especially Messenger conversations that are priceless and feel they are my personal property.

I have backed up my account in the past so, there must be other measures I can take to regain access.

Please help.

I don't care how long it takes, I just want my account back. What are you protecting me from if it was me that caused the error.


George Charles Molinski, Jr.

68 Ackley Rd.

Cutler, ME 04626

aka George Charles

Location: Whiting, Maine

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