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My name is Trần Tiến Phát a student from Hoa Sen University and when looking for an opportunity to change my life by maybe selling something and I clicked on a link and the hacker have taken my Facebook account My Facebook account has been hacked seen 5:30 PM yesterday 15 November, I've tried to get my account back but these are not things I can do, and I already have seen my ID and other information today 16 November to Facebook, and Facebook mail to me and also the hacker the recover code number as the picture below (screenshot 1813)

Then how can I get my Facebook account back? If the hacker gets the recovery code number, I've tried to fill the number like Facebook instruct, but I still can't access my account (screenshot 1814)

And I have tried many options to get it back, but it is just the help center robot sent an email to me and the hacker and I can't get my account back.

Thank you, I need my Facebook to study if there is no way I can't get my Facebook account back

Please help, that account is the only way for me to call my mom because she lives in Taiwan and I live in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

And this mail is the mail I used to log in to my Facebook account

Location: Ho Chi Minh City, Ho Chi Minh

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