On Monday February 21st, 2022 my instagram page I utilize for work was hacked. My work Instagram is a safe community I have created to inspire, educate, and inform clients about the latest innovations in the beauty industry.

The hackers pretended to be me, aggressively posting and direct messaging my community of followers to invest in bitcoin and message back for a chance to make money. I have been trying to contact Instagram and work on account retrieval, but have received no support or help. I have submitted identity confirmation over a dozen times in less than a week and have received zero responses. Sadly, I never received any help, only headache and heartache.

I have not only lost hundreds of followers, but many of whom are now at risk of getting hacked themselves. Im concerned for my safety, as well as my followers.

I understand that no method of account protection is completely fail-safe, but I am asking @instagram and @facebook to please reach out to me to help rectify this very scary and sad situation. Please help in keeping me and my community of followers safe.

My hacked account is _shirleysaloncentric is anyone can help

Location: Kearny, New Jersey

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